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Human powered lifting mechanism for the hook, at 1.5 times the rated load as the test load test. The hook lifting mechanism for power driven, with 2 times the rated load as test load test. Remove the hook load test, should not have any obvious defects and increase the degree of deformation, the opening should not exceed 0.25% of the original size. The inspection should be on the hook hook, low stress area marking, including rated capacity, factory or factory, inspection marks, production number etc.. The hook hook scrapped in following cases should be scrapped:

1.When Using Hooks, The Rigging Should Be At The Center Place

of Stress, Never Hang It To The Crural Point, as below.

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When There is Crack and Deformation, Never Weld or Heat to

Mend it.

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3.If Put Two Rigging To The Hook, The Angle Between The

Vertical Surface and Rigging (as below)Can‘t Beyond

45 Degree, The Intersection Angle Between The Two

Rigging Can‘t Beyond 90 Degree.


4.When The Abrasion Of Hook Reach 10% Of Original Size,

Never Use.

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5. Instructions And Notes of The Hooks

Matters Need Attention When Using The Hook

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1 . When The Corrosion and Abrasion Of Hook Body Reach 10% Of Specified size, Please Scrap.

2.When You See There Is Crack By Sight Or After Detection, Please Scrap.

3.For The Hooks With Safety Lock, When The Safety Lock Loose And Not Available, Please Change The Parts.

4.If The Deformation Of Opening Reach 0.25% Of Original Size, Or Other Parts Deform, Please Scrap.

5.For The Swivel Rigging, Please Add Lubricating Oil Before Use.

Post time: Aug-05-2020