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One of the shackle scrapping standards is the occurrence of cracks and severe cracks. This phenomenon is plaguing many people. How can we prevent this from happening?      

1. According to the place of use, select the slings of the appropriate specifications and models, complete the registration of the slings put into use, strengthen the safety management, and regularly check and record.      

2. Intensive training for operators, strengthen the basic performance of slings and the use of operating procedures, and learn to use them reasonably in practice.      

3.Do the maintenance work of the slings, and do the classification, clear, clean and hygienic. Can increase product performance and extend the life of the sling.      

In addition, in the case of severe deformation and severe wear of the shackle, it is necessary to replace the new shackle in time. In order to avoid accidents during use.


Post time: May-22-2020