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1. The mainmaster link used to form the chain sling, wire rope sling, and fiber sling should be a long ring. For other occasions, a circular ring can be used.

2. The connecting link must be a long ring or master link;

3. It is not allowed to re-use the defective lifting ring after welding;

4. The unmarked lifting master link is confirmed at the end and should not be used;

5. The lifting ring on the lifting rigging component is regularly inspected according to the requirements of the combined components;

6. The connecting link/ring connected to the chain must have a ring diameter larger than the chain diameter;

7. The number of chains and cables directly connected to a single lifting ring shall not exceed the connection between the limbs, limbs, cable and main master link/ring;

8. Do not use hammering to correct the twisted rings.

9. It is forbidden to throw the master links;

10. Do not pull the loop from under the weight or let the weight roll on the loop;

11. It is not allowed to use a shackle instead of a connecting link;

12.Replace the connecting link or master link in the loading and unloading tool on site, allowing the use of a fabricated connecting link.


Post time: May-22-2020