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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that is sweeping the globe has forced the postponement of the 127th edition of the Canton Fair.


After two months of preparation, THE 128TH CANTON FAIR will be held live online on 15thJune

DSL(Hebei Shenli Rigging Co.,Ltd)specialized in manufacture accessories for the production of sling, especially Grade 80 chain and chain sling components for over 25 years with following standard EN1677, EN818-2 and EN 13889.


As the chairman company of China Light Lifting Machinery Association, together with all our members donate to Wuhan Area, and taking take care of workers who return to Hebei from Wuhan area.

DSL is trusted by overseas customers, and the order rate from customer resumption is now reached at 91%.

The 128th CANTON FAIR will be starting at 615 and our welcome all old and new customer to visit our online booth 15.4H23.

Hope to help you to resume production as soon as possible.

DSLHebei Shenli RiggingCo.,Ltd) looks forward to establishing cooperative relationship with you!

Post time: Aug-05-2020