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High Tensile 3.2Time Steel Plate Permanent Magnetic Lifter

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Applicable Industries:Building Material Shops, Machinery Repair Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Construction works , Energy & Mining

After Warranty Service:Online support

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Place of Origin:China

Brand Name:DSL



Warranty:1 YEAR

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Art.No. Rate weight kg Pulled off the biggest force kg L(mm) B(mm) H(mm) R(mm) Weight(kg)
SLXPB-100 100 300 90 63 68 145
SLXPB-400 400 1200 160 95 180 160 11
SLXPB-600 600 1800 220 115 125 230 20
SLXPB-1000 1000 3000 260 145 145 280 40
SLXPB-1500 1500 3750 310 145 145 280 48
SLXPB-2000 2000 5000 340 160 165 410 60
SLXPB-3000 3000 7500 420 185 185 510 90
SLXPB-4000 4000 10500 480 200 200 510 120
SLXPB-5000 5000 15000 580 300 300 650 400

Steel lifting necessary tool- permanent magnet lifter
Permanent magnet suction cups are used in mechanical processing places such as major machinery factories and mold factories. It uses high-performance permanent magnet material Nd-Fe-B as the core of the product, with many advantages.

The surface is as follows:

1, lifting permanent magnet lifter cup energy saving, material saving, safety, manufacturing costs, and use, maintenance costs are much lower than ordinary electromagnet suction cups, is expected to become a new generation of lifting suction cups.

2. High-magnetic properties of NdFeB permanent magnet materials are the preferred materials for lifting permanent magnet chucks. The NdFeB materials that are expected to be high in Curie have been successfully developed and put into the market. Low-carbon steel which is inexpensive and has good magnetic permeability and mechanical properties can be used as a material for ordinary permanent magnet chuck yoke.

3. The hoisting permanent magnet sucker designed by the hybrid permanent magnet and the combined magnetic circuit can exert the advantages of different types of permanent magnets, make up for their respective deficiencies, and obtain higher technical and economic guidance.

The permanent magnet suction cup can be applied to the transportation of steel plates, iron blocks, and cylindrical iron materials. The structure design is advanced, and the quality performance can be compared with the international similar products and the application is very extensive.

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