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Customer Care+


Hebei Shenli is committed to continuous improvement in the products and services that we provide, and we strive to meet the highest demands of our customers possible. In order to ensure the needs of the users of our products are satisfied, we would like your feedback any time. For this reason, our company initiated a strategy for customer care plus service.
Our company always believes that we and our customers is “community of shared destiny”. Working together will make us both better and have win-win cooperation.
We have three different services in our “Customer Care+” Strategy.

1.We fully offer our customer all testing facilities by free as a third investment party to help them process with other products which they need to test in domestic.

2.One year “Quality Guarantee After Sell Service” for all our goods. And our customer can also get extra service when is beyond the guarantee time and we are also willing to help them to solve all their problem;

3.When our goods have quality problem, the procedure will be as follows:
A.we will recall some samples of that batch of goods in order to process all the testing procedure again. Including raw material test, hardness test, breaking load tensile test and fatigue test.
B.When the samples passed all the necessary tests and show good performance. We will analyze if the user have use products in correct way and will provide suggestion accordingly.

4.If the problem cannot be solved by aboved step, our company will dispatch technical staff to your company and solve all problem face to face.