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Safety is our Priority

Under the “Market-oriented, Management-cored and R&D-based” company guiding principle, our garde 8 products have pass the CE certification issued by TUV.

Passing European investment and product testing certification will make our comoany become an excellent leadership in lifting and rigging industry.

CE Certification approves that our products are all in standards.

Shackle Series meet EN13889 Standard;

Hook Series meet EN1677-1 、EN1677-2、EN1677-3tandard;

Master Link meet EN1677 -4Standard;

Lifting Chain meet EN818-2;

Chain Sling meet EN818-4; etc.


As well as the ISO14001 and ISO19001 Certification to improve our enviornment and management system for lifting and rigging industry.

Our company always follow the enviornment-centered philosophy of development and always practice the “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets.” Policy.


According to our differernt customer requirement, we also can apply for CCS,DNV Certifications for different industry.


After over 20 years development, with guarantted service and technology honors, our prodcuts won the invention of patent of lifting clamps and snatch block series products.

As the inventor and promoter of snatch block and lifting clamps in lifting industry, the creator of snatch block made our company famous around the domestic. And the factory begin mass production of blocks, from the parts and to the whole sets of snatch blocks. Now our company supply huge capacity customized snatch block to oil & gas, offshore, marine, heavy duty construction and other industies. 


Our company also own “CHINA FAMOUS BRAND”


Our company also own “CHINA FAMOUS BRAND”