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2ton Capacity I Beam Lifting Clamp Rigging Heavy Duty Stable Steel Beam Clamp Tool Beam Hangers

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Measurement system:INCH

Place of Origin:China

Brand Name:DSL

Model Number:SL-JG101

Material:Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel or Alloy Steel

Standard or Nonstandard:Standard

Surface finish:Color coated


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When the crane slings a large workpiece, it should grasp and grasp the following essentials:

1. Observe the condition of the workpiece before the operation, grasp the center of gravity of the workpiece, and confirm the weight of the workpiece according to the drawings;

2. The right choice of ropes, shackles, hooks and other slings

3. For the workpiece itself, there are lifting rings or lifting lugs specially designed for lifting children, which should be carefully examined before the operation. The disease should be added to the entire ring;

4. If the workpiece itself has no rings, the position of the cable point should be correctly selected and the hook head of the crane should be aligned with the center of gravity of the workpiece.

5. Note that the angle between ropes should generally be less than 90 degrees;

6. The corners of the workpiece that the rope passes through must be protected against corners;

7. The hoisting process must be performed before the crane is lifted. After confirming the safety, it will continue towork.

1.MATERIAL: High strength super alloy steel die forging

2.PROCESSING TECHNIC: forging, quenching, and tempering

3.GRADE: G80

4.WLL: 1.12T-31.5T

5.COLOR: primary color or to be required

6.SURFACE TREATMENT: powder coating

7.USING RANGE: power sector/chemical industry /construction industry

8.QUALITY ASSURANCE:ultimate load is 4 times the working load limit


9.OEM and ODM are both ok

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I Beam Clamp

ITEM NO. W.L.L(T) Opening Size(mm) Weight(kg)
SL-JG101-1 1 75-220 3.8
SL-JG101-2 2 75-220 4.6
SL-JG101-3 3 80-320 9
SL-JG101-5 5 80-320 11
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